Dave Soady


When you say “America” you refer to the territory stretching between the icecaps of the two poles. So to hell with your barriers and frontier guards!
— Diego Rivera 1931

Dave Soady is a Washington, DC native.  His first taste of the culinary world began at age 18 when he worked at Peter's Carryout, the local town favorite restaurant in Bethesda, Maryland.  Ned, the owner, always showed so much interest and care in his customers; this alone made his restaurant so successful.


He then went on to receive professional training from one of the best Culinary Schools in the United States, L'Academie de Cuisine.  Dave studied under the talented and previously assigned White House Chef, Patrice Olivon. 

He then went off to work at the widely popular restaurant, Rustico in Alexandria, Virginia; part of the award-winning Neighborhood Restaurant Group in Washington, DC.  While in the restaurant business, he worked with other chefs and learned more about molecular gastronomy; the food science of the modern culinary world.  

When Dave met his wife from Central America, he naturally became exposed to completely different ingredients, preparations and dishes.  This sparked his interest and his desire to further his knowledge and expose himself to different cuisines. It took him on various culinary trips through Latin America; the last journey being the longest and without return.  Finally, in 2014, Dave and his wife embarked on a life-time dream, first stop Central America.  There he learned distinct cooking techniques while understanding the intertwined influences from the Spaniard and indigenous people, resulting in rich, colorful and flavorful cuisine.



This type of hospitality didn't go unnoticed by Dave and his interest in this environment remained with him.  During his college years in Santa Cruz, California, Dave worked in the evenings at India Joez Restaurant, which spanned cuisines from the middle-east to south-east Asia.  This proved to be the catalyst for his love of spices and aggressive blends, which have remained with him until the present.


The last journey being the longest and without return
Amazon Jungle Perú

Amazon Jungle Perú


While in Central America, he was offered an ambitious job of re-creating the menu at a remote countryside tourist destination called Estancia La Margarita, located 300 km south of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Dave saw this as an exciting opportunity where he could incorporate his acquired skills and maximize the natural resources at his disposal. He began offering guests innovative farm-to-table dishes, which quickly gained him a prestigious reputation and received rave reviews on TripAdvisor.

Tapalqué, Prov. Buenos Aires (2015-2016)

Estancia La Margarita


After a year and a half in the "campo", Dave then moved to Buenos Aires to learn about the gastronomy of the city.  Dave spent some months in the kitchens of two highly recognized restaurants ranked in the Top 50 Best Restaurants in Latin America, Aramburu and El Baqueano.

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As the buzz went around town of Dave’s repertoire, he was offered the position of Executive Chef at Anselmo; a high-end stylish boutique hotel part of the Curio Collection by Hilton in San Telmo, Buenos Aires.  Dave created an interesting menu offering elegant gourmet dishes.  Once again, Dave received overwhelming approval from guests through TripAdvisor. The popular Travel Guru/Blogger JetSetLisette has an interesting review about her experience with Dave’s menu during her stay in Anselmo. Click on the icon to read her interview!



Dave has finally fulfilled his lifetime dream of opening his own restaurant.  The concept of the restaurant focuses on his travels through Latin America; where the restaurant name 13 Fronteras was born, "13 Borders".  Dave brings to the San Telmo neighborhood a unique, versatile, and playful interpretation of various traditional dishes he fell in love with during his road trip through the Americas.