Food has always brought people together, regardless of their differences.  

at our restaurant, we embrace food as well as those differences.

When traveling, we always follow a simple rule.  First, we ask where the tourist attractions are and second, we head the opposite direction.  We’ve come to the conclusion (in our personal opinion) there are two types of “tourists”: those who visit a country and like to see it from an outside perspective and others who like to integrate themselves in that country; we naturally fall under the latter group.  Our particular interest in these countries centers around gaining cultural knowledge; learning their customs, food, social activities, etc.  In order to understand the identity of these countries one needs to go to the root, the heart of that country, which can only be found in the common people.  Only here will you find the simple, traditional, natural and the humble.  In all of our travels and during this cultural exchange, the food has always been the icebreaker; the moment where locals let their guard down and are more prone to conversation.  In a way, food provides a common ground which eliminates the perception of hierarchy and/or differences.  This is our one-time opportunity to get an up-close look at their world without overstepping their boundaries. 

The dishes created at 13 Fronteras have been inspired by these same places and those individuals with whom we’ve shared a good meal.  Individuals living in underdeveloped areas with limited resources, and yet offer such a rich cuisine. Their preparations, combinations and techniques are extensive and abundant, making any chef take off their hat.  Our concept is to reinterpret these dishes with a modern twist, adding Dave’s special touches and techniques to bring you unique and creative food; combining the rustic with the modern.

A cook gets bored cooking the same food over and over again, so as a chef [and if you care] you have to make it exciting for them as well. Creating new dishes is part of that excitement. They become eager to cook the food and the results are positive for the customer
— Chef Dave
We’re very conscious of the ingredients and their prime state for consumption.  This is why our menu changes periodically to adapt to what’s in season and what can easily be sourced in.
Dave uses a variety of less common techniques such as, preservation, fermentation, and curing of ingredients. This allows the ingredients to become versatile and yields more, without compromising its quality in the process. 


In all our travels, the interaction with those cooking our food always made our meals more enjoyable and meaningful - this is what we would like for you to experience.

Our open-kitchen interior design is an essential part of the dining experience.  It’s important for us to have contact with our customers and customers to see how and what is being prepared for them.  This design allows customers to be part of this process, from start to finish.